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Talking on the Phone

Our Services

Custom Calling Features


Long Distance

Direct Connect Service

  • Provides that one designated telephone number will ring whenever the subscribing customers telephone is off the hook for a minimum of seconds.

Direct Pay

  • Provides for the automatic drafting of money from your account for the payment of your telephone bill.

Extra Listing

  • Placing a separate additional listing in the telephone directory

Inside Wire Maintenance Agreement

  • Protect your Inside Wire and Jacks from costly repair.

Wire Requirements

  • Construction Requirements

  • Mobile Home Requirements

  • Wiring Requirements

Lease or Buy Telephone Equipment

  • We have a wide variety of telephones and telephone equipment for sale or lease.

Non-Published Number

  • Your telephone number is neither printed in the telephone directory nor available through Directory Assistance.

Toll Restriction

  • Denies all outgoing telephone calls starting with the digit "1".

Touch-Tone Service

  • With touch-tone service, you have the ability to dial faster and can access computer generated services.

Unlisted Number

  • Your telephone number is not printed in the telephone directory, but is available through Directory Assistance.

For more information on the services listed, or inquiries on any new services available, please call one of our service representatives at 979-357-4411, 979-278-3600 or toll free 1-888-212-8872.

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